Oslo H3 is mis-managed!

Mis-Management Committee and other functions

  • The Mis-Management committee is elected for one year (at the Annual General Meeting=AGM), all at a time and being responsible for the following year (until next AGM).
  • Ideally the members should represent a mixture of nationalities, ages, both sexes, experienced with OH3 and with some international hashes.
  • Erection Committee consists of three members, and is elected at the AGM
  • Appointed non-committee-members, erection committee, sub-committees or others are in general for the same period as the Mis-Management committee.
  • Hashing is informal sharing of tasks and fun. Continuity in the committee and sharing of tasks should be secured by shifting of some positions every year, not all in one go.

Mis-Management Responsibilities

For the elected period the Mis-Management is responsible for

  • Maintaining OH3 as a “drinking club with a running problem”
  • Ensure the continuity of the runs
  • Encourage quality of the runs, a Hash run should be about 1 – 1.5 hours max.
  • Encourage diversity and imagination of the runs with respect for basic hash-values and traditions
  • A healthy economic base
  • AGM and Special Hash Events

Mis-Management Roles

Grand Master
General coordination to make sure things get done.
Administer hash accounts together with Ha$h Ca$h
Religious Advisor
Organise and run circle, generally inject humour into the group.
Give careful consideration to namings, a good hash handle is worth waiting for.
Produce and distribute Hash Trash to inform the Hash of upcoming runs.
Send out notices/announcements to OH3 group.
Ha$h Ca$h
Collect run fees or get someone to do it when not present self.
Reimburse expenses.
Administer hash accounts together with Grand Master.
Hare Raiser
Recruit hares, administer run list and numbering
Have Hasherdashery available for sale at the runs.
Arrange and order new items in coordination with the Mis-Management committee.
Look after the Hasherdashery finances, it should be self-funding.
Hash Awards
Propose award program for approval by the Mis-Management Committee.
Order awards based on info from Hash Statistics / Ha$h Ca$h.

The Committee works as a team and the members may be stand-ins for each other when appropriate.

Committee members can take care of the following tasks or chose to delegate to Non-committee members for the period:

Song Master
Lead the singing in the circle
Collecting the run attendance sheets, maintains the database and produces the statistics both for anniversary awards and AGM annual figures
Responsible for the Home page www.OH3.no; the look, content and constant update.
Post the run info from On-Sec. May be combined with On-Sec function.
Special Events
Appointing sub-committees or an events coordinator to arrange special hash runs like ski-hash, anniversary runs or others.