Skihash 2024

This year at new venue at Hjartdal Fjellstoge & Storhytte, March 1st to 3rd.

How to get there

A bus will pick us up from Oslo around 15:30 on Friday and drive us to the cabin. We will be back in Oslo around 16-17 on Sunday (can be changed based on foreign hashers departure times, as the bus will not go pass the airport this time).

What's included?

The usual hash standard. Bus, accommodation, food, beer, wine, hangover, sauna, free aquavit in case you break something, and if the hare wakes up, maybe even run on skis!

Expect a lot of snow, and a lot of fun! Just a note, the cabin is not as luxurious as the last years, expect similar standard as manned DNT-cabins. With the addition of free drinks and sauna!

The Skihash committee is currently working on details. We will let you know once we find out who the committee is. (Volunteers welcome!)


The price is 2500 NOK per person (210 EUR at current exchange rate) if paid until the end of the year, 2700 NOK after January 1.

Kids: 1600 NOK.

Register here. Who's coming.


Direct them towards Simply Red, the ruler of the (one-man) committee!

Skihash 2024