Upcoming runs

OH3 run #1722 - 2nd August 2021 - Trollvann

OH3 run #1723 - 7th August 2021 - Sveum

OH3 run #1724 - 9th August 2021 - Eiksmarka

"Run" #67 of the Oslow hash - 18th August 2021 - Veierland Island

OH3 Special Events

no OH3 weekend trips until we all get shots

Covid-19 - June update

We are hashing again, in slightly socially distanced version (24 hours to run the trail on your own). It's up to the hare's discretion to decide whether to also allow for run of larger group ended up with a circle, but in case you do that, you have to make sure that number of hashers is below the legal limit (registration?) and infection precautions are made (no food unless it's individually packed, no sharing of mugs, place where it's easy to keep distance)

Covid rules for overnight events

Our benevolent dick-tators from the mismanagement decided they will not entertain you this summer. There was a lot of disagreement what rules to set in addition to the no-rules rule, so if there are any overnight events they are private and organizers are themselves responsible for setting rules that are in line with government/municipality/FHI laws and guidelines.

Want to hare?

Somebody has to set those trails! Contact Dr. Doolittle if you want to hare!

International Events

Mailing list

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Yes, we have a gallery. The link is not published anywhere online. Ask someone for the address. :-)


Travelling? Don't waste your time abroad doing useful stuff! Don't have a life! Go hashing! Here are some resources that may help you: