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OH3 run #1667 - 1st June 2020 - Eiksmarka/Skytterkollen - early start

Hashing during Covid-19

  1. Stage 1 - we are moving pass this, leaving here for reference: hashing in small groups with 24+ hours to do the trail and a non-physical circle via Zoom)
  2. Stage 2 (that's where we are now), a hybrid approach. We continue to have trails set that allow the pack 24+ hours to do the trail. Those preferring small groups continue to hash in small groups on Sunday. Those who prefer to do the trail at 18.30 on Monday, the normal hash time, can do so and a physical circle (optional) can be arranged.
  3. Hares decide whether to hold a physical circle. They will have to arrange a place where up to 50 persons can assemble respecting the physical distancing requirements. Hashers wanting to attend the physical circle MUST INFORM the HARES in ADVANCE so that the hare(s) can find an appropriate place. The hare is NOT required to host or arrange a physical circle; it is OPTIONAL. Beer/munkie provided; no food.
  4. Simultaneous circles. What to do about those who do not want to participate in a physical circle? Should we live stream the circle? Should a separate zoom circle be arranged? We leave it up to the hare to decide.
  5. Beer stops on Sunday. The last two weeks the hares provided beer at the end of the run. This was a nice feature for those running on Sunday. Whether it continues is, as always, up to the hare(s).
  6. Hash cash. Regardless of when one runs the trail, the payment continues to be made to hash cash through Vipps, Nkr20. Payment to hash cash does not imply you have registered for a physical circle!
  7. Hash trash will need to be informed of: (a) where the trail starts; (b) when the trail opens on Sunday and when it ends on Monday; (c) whether there will be a beer stop on the Sunday (and the hours); (d) whether there will be a physical circle on Monday (and at what approximate time); and (e) whether a zoom circle, live streamed or in parallel, will be available.

In addition to these rules, keep an eye on possible changes in rules by the official authorities.

-- Mismanagement

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