Koberovy Invasion #4

When: 27-29 April 2018

What: OH3 is invading Simply Red's kingdom (Koberovy) for the 4th time! Koberovy is a village in a lovely area of Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise [1], [2]) where Daddy Red and Mommy Red live and are ready to host another invasion. SR will notify the hotel to pile up on beer.


Price: 1400 NOK (145 EUR) until the end of January. 1500 NOK (155 EUR) after. Transfer to Norwegian account 0539.62.51517.

International payments: IBAN: NO7805396251517, BIC/SWIFT DNBANOKKXXX, my non-hashing world name is Zdenek Zikan
If you want to avoid high international transfer fees, I can recommend Transferwise (they charge about €1 for transfers within Europe): - you can you use my IBAN# there or my email address. If anyone prefers PayPal, I haven't tried it yet to receive money, but apparently, there is some function for that too. (I don't know the fees the sender has to pay but I assume they will be better than a bank)

Kids: If you want to bring kids, let me know. If possible I can arrange accommodation outside of the party building.

Note: Price does not include Sunday accommodation in Prague after the Red Dress Run. Please book accommodation yourself.

Note: Friday bus departure time will be set based on when will the last hashers arrive on Friday evening, but latest around 7 PM (from Prague centre, driving via the airport), so please book your flights accordingly and send me an email when you book your flights.

Price includes right to give Simply Red down down for any organization mishap.

Monday & Tuesday: Tuesday is bank holiday in Norway so I suppose many of you will want to take Monday off and stay a bit longer in Prague. I will try to come up with some idea for optional program on Monday. I will let you know when my brain cells start working.

Places are limited! Registration will be capped at 40 people, then you are on a waiting list.

For questions (how would you like a finger in your beer?) contact Simply Red

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